Attention !! Warning for All Roblox players (Urgent) | Logical Metaverse

This is a warning for all Roblox players that The ‘SearchBlox’ Chrome program extension submitted by over 200,000 users has been found to contain an additional pass that can take your Roblox scores as well as your resources in Rolimons, a Roblox trading pass. 

BleepingComputer has had the opportunity to investigate extension code that demonstrates the presence of a secondary pass, deliberately introduced by your engineer or after splitting the difference.


Chrome extension is targeting Roblox players to get access to information and credentials:

The ‘SearchBlox’ extensions found in the Chrome Web Store appear to be compromised on all accounts, BleepingCompuer noted.

There are two query items for “SearchBlox” in Chrome. These expansions claim to allow you to “scan Roblox servers for an ideal player…incredibly fast,” but both contained the shortcut.

The identifiers of these dangerous extensions are:

  • blddohgncmehcepnokognejaaahehncd
  • ccjalhebkdogpobnbdhfpincfeohonni
Attention !! Warning for All Roblox players (Urgent) | Logical Metaverse
source: bleepingComputer

Early in the morning, for long stretches on Wednesday, doubts were raised among people in SearchBlox’s Roblox group that it contains malware.

“The famous SearchBlox plugin has been COMPROMISED- assuming you have it, your file could be at risk,” tweeted RTC, an informal Roblox news and local account.

“If that’s not a big problem for you, change your passwords, assuming you have them, and your credentials, so your file is safe again.”

We uploaded Chrome Augment for research and for the main extension (blddohgncmehcepnokognejaaaahehncd) downloaded by more than 200,000 customers, the secondary pass exists on line 3 of the ‘content.js’ document:


Attention !! Warning for All Roblox players (Urgent) | Logical Metaverse
source: bleepingComputer

Indirect access within Chrome increases SearchBlox
Indirect access within Chrome’s rise ‘SearchBlox’ (BleepingComputer)
For the next extension (ccjalhebkdogpobnbdhfpincfeohonni) with only 959 downloads, the secondary pass was inside the “button.js” registry.

The culprit URL in either case is:


As if the structure of the ‘image.png/image.txt’ URL itself wasn’t fascinating at the time, the page contains some HTML code that purports to display an image using the ‘<img>’ tag, but instead garbled JavaScript accumulates that is further encoded as HTML character elements (using ‘&’ and ‘#’ symbols):




Attention !! Warning for All Roblox players (Urgent) | Logical Metaverse


The code, once decoded, gives a garbled code that also gives the impression of leaking Roblox certifications to another space:


Attention !! Warning for All Roblox players (Urgent) | Logical Metaverse
source: bleepingComputer


Of note is how “” and “” were enlisted for the current month and offer a typical Hostinger website.

The code also appears to study a player’s profile on, a Roblox trading step. This detail becomes significant given the current registration suspensions in the scenario, as noted in the accompanying segment.


‘SearchBlox’ the culprit offender:


Tragically, it doesn’t appear to be the first time that a malicious “SearchBlox” extension has named Roblox clients in the same way.

In October, Google apparently removed another “SearchBlox” from the Chrome Web Store as of June 28, 2022.

As to whether the side passage was infused into the expansion after splitting the difference by a hazard animator or if the engineer introduced it on purpose is up in the air yet.

There is a hypothesis among people in the Roblox people group [1, 2, 3, 4] that they have seen the stock of the ‘Unstoppablelucent’ client, supposedly the engineer of the increase, increase while the Rolimons ‘ccfont’ client was shut down today due to dubious trades.


Attention !! Warning for All Roblox players (Urgent) | Logical Metaverse
source: BleepingComputer


The extension, as well as the offending URLs, are VirusTotal’s own notoriety at the time of composition, making recognition of these malicious extensions much more difficult.

Do the job of saying that anyone who entered ‘SearchBlox’ should remove the boost immediately, clear their freebies, and change their passwords for Roblox, Rolimons, and other sites you might have logged into while using the expansion.

BleepingComputer notified Google of the harmful expansions that preceded the distribution.



Article sourced: BleepingComputer

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