How to earn from music nfts

Today, I’ll tell you how music NFTs can or will make you rich if you invest now. But before that, just imagine being one of the early investors of Bitcoin when it was around $1 in it’s nascent stage. How that one small investment would have changed your life completely now. If only we had a time travel machine and go back to the $1 bitcoin days and invest on them. Well, it’s a long gone dream now.

But, it’s not over yet. You still have that chance now and be a part of the early adopter for NFTs by investing on them as they are still in the very early stage and many industries are exploring new ways to use this technology.

But before diving deep about NFTs  and music, let’s first understand what exactly is an NFT.

What is an NFT ? | Logical Metaverse

For the unversed, NFTs or Non-Fungible-Token are digital assets that are unique and different and cannot be replicated unlike cryptocurrencies. Basically, having an NFTs proves the ownership of a digital assets which can be in any form like digital arts, collections, music, videos, images, painting, etc.

NFTs are stored and can be traded on NFT marketplace such as OpenSea. It can represent any form such as art, music, collectibles, in-game items and digital land rights or land properties. However, NFT is still at a nascent stage, but they have gained a lot of mainstream’s attention already, and are being adopted by a wide range of individuals and businesses as well.


Ok. So, you’ve become a master of NFTs now, let’s dig in deeper and let me guess your question!!

How can Music NFTs make You Rich? Right? 

Before answering this question, let’s just recall some of our favorite music artists and singers which you all used to listen or is still listening.  For me, it was (is) Michael Jackson (king of pop), Eminem, Avicii (fav), etc.  They’ve became huge stars and made good wealth for them and lived the life of many who’d only dream of. 

what is music nfts?
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What if you were given a chance to invest on them before they became famous, would you do it? Let me guess. It’s a “Big freaking yeses” right.

Although you can’t directly invest on them, you can basically buy an NFT of them and support them if you find their talent mesmerizing and believe them that they would make it big.

So you might be wondering now, what’s in it for you? How are you actually gonna earn from this?

Well, with this NFT you have, you’ll have royalty rights which will let you earn a percentage of all songs that gets sold in the market.

This will not only connect to the artist and enjoy their song but earn a passive revenue for yourself.

How cool is that right !!!


How to earn from music nfts
source: google


Just imagine, you invested in some top artist like Beyonce who won Grammy award 28 times and Adele 6 times, before they were even famous.

This investment would have been the best decision of your life and could easily make a living out of it.

But it’s not late yet. You can jump into this and take the leverage of an early adopter by investing in music NFTs. This NFT technology could prove to be a huge boom for the music industry, not just for the production team but also for the artists and the audience.



Though, NFTs are still at a very early stage and is yet to discover it’s true potential, it’s worth the risk. Maybe we don’t need to spend our whole savings and income on this bet, but just a small portion of your investment on music NFTs could be your life changing decision. Although, we have no idea how big can this be or vice-verse, but I am very bullish on this technology and it’s application on the music industry. 






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